Saturday, September 28, 2013

Summer of 2013 with Numpy and Google

GSoC is a learning process - we learn to work together to solve a big problem by breaking it down into smaller chunks.
This year, 2013, I got chance to work as student contributor at Numpy. And the experience was worth paying the amount of effort. I have joined Numpy, the community that's quite friendly and helpful.

I passed final evaluation but I value experience more than consequence (off-course passed makes me happy). Experience that I had for being a part of this program. Nothing could be more inspiring and motivational than working with people from almost every part of globe connected together just because of there love and passion for code and to develop amazing things.  Also got chance to learn from such experienced and enthusiastic developers.

I have written the summary of project into two post : Profiling and Bottle-necks. All together with my mentors Charles R Harris and whole community successfully achieved what we planned. Project information and final code can be seen here []

What I gained this year?

The most challenging aspect is to get work with people across different geographical reasons. People from different region thinks and act differently as they might have different concern. Coming out with product which is accepted by everyone is itself a strenuous task. To work in a team with huge diversity in timezone and thinking was colorful experience.

This program and Numpy follow development workflow so well. I learned :
  • Git : to develop socially, concept of PR
  • Python and Numpy C api : making python module in c
  • To write good code, numpy follow strict and good practice of writing beautiful code.
  • Profiling and visualization of data to figure out bottle-neck in performance

There are lots of things to make Numpy better, which I would love to do, even after GSoC. 

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  1. Hi Arink, nice write-ups. Congrats on passing the final eval and hope to see you continuing to contribute!