Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer of 2012 with Google

I think it's a great way to prove yourself. You cannot  pass GSoC without self-discipline, self-motivation and love for code.
Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google, came up with the concept of summer of code. He noted that many brilliant computer students who worked hard during their senior academic year would fail to find further educational or meaningful employment opportunities once they graduated. This would then begin the deterioration of their technical skill set.

This year, 2012, I got chance to work as Student developer of  summer of code. And the experience was worth paying the amount of effort! It was so gratifying that Apertium selected me for development of Apertium on your mobile. All together with my mentors Stephen Tigner, co-mentors Jacob Nordfalk, Jimmy O'Regan and whole community successfully achieved what we planned.

To see my work done during this program, visit

I passed final evaluation but I think the consequence should not matter anymore as much the experience that I had for being a part of this program. Nothing could be more inspiring and motivational than working with people from almost every part of globe connected together just because of there love and passion for code and to develop amazing things.  Also got chance to learn from such experienced and enthusiastic developers.

Recognition as Programmer

Contributing to opensource community, showcase your work and skills to large community and hence give distinct recognition as programmer. Apart from technical and programming skills, I learn to code for others. The more the code is readable and structured more easily it will get adopted by community for further development. It just like expressing yourself to world. I had to express my self in most simple way, yet conveying all meaning. The importance of timeline and plan of action, no war can be won without any strategies and sync between fighters.

The most challenging aspect is to get work with people across different geographical reasons. People from different region thinks and act differently as they might have different concern. Coming out with product which is accepted by everyone is itself a strenuous task. To work in a team with huge diversity in timezone and thinking was colorful experience.

Gain Technical Skills

Okay lets come to some technical skills. This program covers every stages of software development so well.
  • I learn to work on distributed revision control, GIT and SVN
  • Project modeling and making timeline
  • Crossover bridge between C/C++ and Java by JNI
  • Advance Mobile Development tools Android SDK
  • Little bit of iOS development

Meet-up at Google regional office to bring developers together and spread awareness about Google exciting and powerful tools like Google App Engine for developers. Special thanks to Google Developer Group for fun night party at Google IO Extended and Hackathon. 

So, if someone is really passionate about programming, then this is the best platform to show your love and passion by helping opensource community. I think it's a great way to prove yourself. You cannot  pass GSoC without self-discipline, self-motivation and love for code.


  1. Excellent work Sir.....hope you have a wonderfull year ahead !

  2. Thanks!
    Looking forward to more exciting stuff with Numpy this year!