Sunday, July 8, 2012

Apertium Android for review and testing

My GSoC12 project Apertium on mobile has been going according to timeline, hence app is good for testing and review on device. I have tested it on my samsung galaxy y but We should test it on as many different as we can. The apk is upload on github. I would request all to please run on there device and report error on crash happens.

Things to look for:

  1. Cache feature: This support is provided by Mikel's lttoolbox-java. so that subsequent translation from loaded package is faster. 
  2. SVN Installation: User can install package directly from SVN, check if installation happens without any halt. 
  3. Widget support: App provide atmost five mode specific shortcut on desktop, check if it is easy to use and work properly. Use widget setting and see if it works properly 
  4. Clipboard Manger: This is tricky as android API < 11 and API >= 11 for clipboard is different but i tried to use both in conditional statement. Please try to use this feature from setting panel 
  5. Share intent: see if share to other app is working fine. 

Download APK
See Source Code

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