Sunday, June 10, 2012

Apertium Android 2.3

Commit of Apertium Android 2.3 has been made. Certain significant features has been added to improve user experience..

Desktop Widget

Figure 1
Snapshot showing desktop widget with eo-en button pressed

Figure 2
Snapshot showing widget config activity

  • User can place at maximum of five translation mode shortcut for quick translation.
  • Easy to config widget from setting panel of application
  • At present only support single instance.
  • Future work, to create multiple instance of widget

Caching support

Figure 3
Snapshot showing setting panel with cache checkbox

  • The cache feature developed by Mikel on lttoolbox, has been added to application
  • This make subsequent translation instantaneously fast
  • Can easily be enable/disable from setting panel

New setting panel

In earlier version there was absence of standard setting panel

Github for source code

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