Sunday, January 3, 2010

31st December

Excited and nervous more than 23 June I was.
At place on time with broad smile I was,
imagining about your appearance. That was
appeared to me after an hour, dream-like,
with red lips and blue dress. Looking for me with sparkle in eyes.
You came close said Hello! With warm hung.

I was as nervous as I could be; I tried my best to hide it so you would not see.
I had no clue, I had no magnificent plan that would win her over,
I had no idea where to go.
And you touched my hand by saying lets go!,
two pulses divided: one half-dead, the other ten times more alive.

was it just me, did you feel it too,
was the same magical feeling happening to you.
Reaching the restaurant was there any like or dislike on food.
Your likes is my favorites, your dislike is also mine.

Thanks for the rose loaded with love
Did you realize?
Did you know how I felt or were you even aware,
what just the touch of your hand did running through my hair.
Was it really supposed to happen like this?

Lots of things want to express but don’t want to disturb their essence.
Lots of things wanted to ask you right then,
but how do you ask that when the date is at an end.
Falling in love after just one kiss on 23 June.

Well, time has answered the question for you and me,
this was a love meant to last for an eternity.
We are still as much in love as we were way back then,
this is a true love story that will never end.
=> love

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